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Design Your Own Eco Home



New Plymouth 22, 23

Wellington 29, 30

Hawkes Bay 6, 7

Dates are subject to change depending on numbers and participant convenience.

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Pioneering a more sustainable, eco-architecture in New Zealand since 1990

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ONLINE Certificate  in Ecological Building and Design

Our Online Course in Ecological Building and Design enrolments are now open for 2014. Watch the promotional video . Currently Graduates can continue their studies toward full BBE registered consultant level by cross crediting to the 200 level courses via Baubologie Institute in the USA. We have also launched a collaborative joint venture to develop eco-education pathways with India's BBE equivalent organizations Vastuworld and Prithwe.

Design Your Own Eco Home Workshop

The Design Your Own Eco Home Workshop the next workshop is set for Christchurch on June 7th weekend., followed by Wellington on the 28th and 29th. A workshop is planned for Hawlkes Bay and Auckland in late August and early September. Keep up to date with the workshop locations in your area by liking our facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter.


ECO building publications

Our online shop is well underway. We now have the Eco building notesand the Eco Building/Architecture Publications available to be paid by paypal or credit/debit on line. Many of the original BBE Booklets are still available, but we are now also offering Eco Building Notes, which contain our latest information on healthier and more sustainable building in electronic format. The new KIWI bible of green architecture compiled by Johann Bernhardt (BBE AUCKLAND) "DEEPER SHADE OF GREEN" is available from our office. Johann Bernhardt has done an excellent job compiling the book. It is available through the BBE for $69.00

Congratulations to ECOBOB, as they have launched the online eco products and services directory at

After many years the BBE Institute "Eco Products and Services Directory" is now downloadable free! Our famous directory is being phased out and replaced by NZ Green Pages and Ecobob. The free directory is still a great source of suppliers of healthier and more eco-friendly products and services until the other web directories are fully populated. Download here.


bbe architects

Various eco home projects are available to view by contacting an Alex Greig at email to
 .    There are more and more straw bale homes in for building consent around the country and also Hempcrete Homes.



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